About The Firm

doorSIKs & Co.
specializes in the field of the intellectual property law, particularly concentrating in patents and utility models, and litigation matters.

The history of our firm dates back to 1989 when Hisao Shiozawa established Shiozawa Patent Office. Then, our firm evolved to SIKs & Co. in 1999.

roomOur firm provides various services including preparation and prosecution of patent applications and utility model applications; translation from English to Japanese or Japanese to English of patent and legal documents; searching (novelty, infringement, etc.,) of patents; advice on infringement and validity of patents; and advice and assistance in litigation concerning patent rights in Japan.

Our firm also acts as an intermediate for Japanese clients in filing applications in foreign countries, including the United States, European countries, and Asian countries, and handles preparation and prosecution of PCT applications for Japanese clients. In obtaining intellectual property rights in other countries, our firm works in cooperation with local patent firms.

peopleAt our firm, approximately 60 staff members including six managing partners, two partners, two junior partners, two senior associates and three associates work to provide various legal services. Our patent attorneys are well trained in dealing with advising, drafting, filing, prosecuting, researching, recording, licensing, litigating and other related works, and have backgrounds in chemical area, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, applied chemistry, and chemical engineering. Our firm has the experienced staffs of Japanese patent application formalities or foreign patent application formalities.

Our firm is located within a few minutes' walk of the Tokyo Railway Station and approximately two kilometers from the Japanese Patent Office. Having a convenient location means that it is easy for us to interview the examiners of the Japanese Patent Office.



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